Restructuring a company

There are many reasons to consider restructuring your business, for example, if your business has grown significantly, or if you plan to sell. Depending on what your plans are, there are several ways to achieve your goal. Examples are merging, splitting, expanding with a new branch or dissolving an existing branch. In other words, restructuring involves the entire legal repertoire of business law.

Some frequently asked questions about restructuring a company

  • Restructuring is a very broad concept. There may be a specific reason for it, such as a sale. But it can also be wise to take a fresh look at your company structure after about five years. Perhaps it could be much more efficient, or perhaps you want to turn certain business units into separate companies. Restructuring is never a goal in itself.

    • Converting a sole proprietorship into a Dutch private limited company (in Dutch: besloten vennootschap, BV).
    • Establishing a new company for a project in order to spread risks.
    • Merging two BVs that engage in similar activities.
    • A shareholding that is to be transferred to another group company.
    • Accession of a new shareholder.

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