Evelyn van Oijen

Candidate notary

Arnhem - Sickeszplein 1

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In my work, I ensure that entrepreneurs can pursue their activities in the most appropriate legal form. I assist start-up entrepreneurs in their decision to opt for a private limited company, but I am also involved in larger corporate takeovers. Many of the cases in my practice have a familial character. Hekkelman’s notarial practice counts a wide range of family businesses among their clients.

Two questions for Evelyn

  • My experience extends to assisting start-up companies that have been operating as sole proprietorships for some time, but want to change into a Dutch private limited company (beslote vennootschap, BV) due to growth. In addition, I frequently implement the new Legal Entities (Management and Supervision) Act (in Dutch: Wet Bestuur en Toezicht Rechtspersonen, WBTR) in regard to foundations and associations.

  • I believe that it is important to get to know the person behind the entrepreneur. When I see clients, I always have a personal conversation with them to inquire why a client needs to see a notary and what he or she is looking for. I also try to communicate in practical and easily comprehensible terms, because the technical legal language does not form part of the daily vocabulary of every entrepreneur.

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