The notarial practice at Hekkelman is demanding, challenging and diverse. As a civil-law notary, my focus is on the business aspect. As an entrepreneurial notary, I think like an entrepreneur and understand what an entrepreneur expects from me and my services. This is a vital and indispensable factor in my practice.

I also have a special interest and experience in the sports world as I am involved – both as a notary and personally – in various sports associations, sports organisations and clubs. Our services are based on trust. I gain and foster this trust by being approachable, by contributing practical ideas, communicating quickly and clearly, abiding by agreements, acting with legal acuity, and working with a clear focus on results. I prefer a practical, no-nonsense approach. And I do not settle for half-measures. Commitment, expertise and persistence are my strengths.

In the field of corporate law, I focus especially on (re)organisations, financing, business acquisitions, business succession and governance. In all cases, my priority is on delivering customised solutions. That is when I am at my best.

Entrepreneurs do not want to waste their time with hassles. That is why I also advise on entrepreneurs on family law-related issues. In my experience, entrepreneurs prefer to deal with one and the same person within an organisation as far as possible. As I am already familiar with the entrepreneur and his or her company, I can also provide high-quality and effective advice in this regard.

Additional positions

  • Board member of the Stichting Beheer Aandelen N.E.C.

Two questions for Roland

  • Financing, (re)structuring, acquisition, succession and governance.

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